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  • Carol
    Aug 14, 2014

      I've never heard of this brand of Nattokinase. The fact that it's a tablet and not a softgel with liquid inside, means that there have to be fillers in it to "tablet" it, which is what makes it such a big pill. You should call the company and ask them directly if it has the vitamin K removed.  http://naturally.com/contact

      This Nattokinase has Rutin in it, which is sometimes used to chylothorax in cats. This paragraph is from this site.  www.vcahospitals.com/main/pet-health-information/article/animal-health/chylothorax-in-cats/72

      A supplement called rutin may be a beneficial treatment in some cats with chylothorax. It is thought to stimulate cells called macrophages to remove the fat in the chyle, and may reduce the amount of fluid accumulation. Rutin is available at pharmacies and health stores."

      Unless you're treating chylothorax, I'm not sure about giving Rutin along with nattokinase. 

      The brand that I like is Nattozyme by Nutricology.  The softgels are small and easy to pill them with.  It does have the vitamin K removed. 

      Carol and Angel Misty

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      From: heide
      Subject: [FH] Nattokinase Tablets

      Hi there,I just purchased Naturally Vitamins brand Nattokinase 1500 FU (75mg) Buy Naturally Vitamins - Nattokinase 1500 FU - 120 Tablets at LuckyVitamin.com which is the kind that comes in enterically coated tablets, as recommended by an older post. Three questions:1. Has anyone tried this brand recently and had success with it?2. How in heck did you get your kitty to swallow the tablet every day? For a person it isn't a big tablet, but I am worried my cat will have problems with it. How big is too big for a cat to swallow?3. It doesn't specifically say the Vitamin K is removed in any of the literature, but I see that several a few people recommended this brand. Does anyone know if this brand has the Vit. K removed?I'm thinking about returning it and getting a different brand. But my cat Merkin is doing poorly and I kind of just want to get him started. I'm really worried about these tablets being too big. Please help ASAP. I don't want to put this off too long. His fluid retention has been bad lately and he's lethargic and I think nattokinase could help, but I just don't know how to get him to swallow it.

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