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50414Nattokinase Tablets

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  • heidekristen
    Aug 13, 2014

      Hi there,I just purchased Naturally Vitamins brand Nattokinase 1500 FU (75mg) Buy Naturally Vitamins - Nattokinase 1500 FU - 120 Tablets at LuckyVitamin.com which is the kind that comes in enterically coated tablets, as recommended by an older post. Three questions:1. Has anyone tried this brand recently and had success with it?2. How in heck did you get your kitty to swallow the tablet every day? For a person it isn't a big tablet, but I am worried my cat will have problems with it. How big is too big for a cat to swallow?3. It doesn't specifically say the Vitamin K is removed in any of the literature, but I see that several a few people recommended this brand. Does anyone know if this brand has the Vit. K removed?I'm thinking about returning it and getting a different brand. But my cat Merkin is doing poorly and I kind of just want to get him started. I'm really worried about these tablets being too big. Please help ASAP. I don't want to put this off too long. His fluid retention has been bad lately and he's lethargic and I think nattokinase could help, but I just don't know how to get him to swallow it.



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