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50412Re: Feeling depressed. My bengal cat, Tidus, diagnosed with HCM :-(

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  • vi.ha85
    Aug 13, 2014
      So far I tried Dr. Harvey's coq10 and now Tidus is on ubiquinol. I heard cats absorb it better.
      Update: Tidus has not been back to the ER ever since! It's almost 7 weeks now. The Torsemide seems to be working much better. His kidney values have also improved since his last visit at the ER. However, for the past 2 weeks I had to increase his dosage slightly from .25ml to .3ml because he started to breathe more rapidly due to the heat I believe (I have no AC and it was over 90 degrees most days). He went into congestive heart failure again this past weekend but I was able to avoid taking him to the ER by temporarily increasing his dose to .35ml. He is breathing more comfortably now and the cardiologist instructed me to go back to his normal dose of .3ml starting tomorrow and see how he does. He feels that Tidus' disease is progressing. We will have to keep a watch on him to see if he will be needing to add another prescription. :-(
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