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50410newly diagnosed with hcm

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  • ushoover
    Aug 12, 2014

      Hi, I have been a lurker here for a very long time, but now it is I who needs advice.  My 11 year old female cat was just diagnosed with moderate/advanced hmc last week, I have not seen the report yet, 9 cats were scanned that day, and dr was running late, so offered to email my results, anyway, I have been doing some research and have decided to give her vetri science cardio strength, vit c, dmg, and salmon oil.  The cardio strength already has caratine, taurine and coq10,  I tried to look in the files for supplement facts, but couldn't open the files, so, can anyone share what the doses for these should be and also if there are any others I should add?  She is not showing any symptoms at all, and will see my regular vet later in the week, after I have had time to get my treatment plan organized for their file, all the cardiologist put her on was 6.25mg of atenolol twice/day,  she is eating well, and in good spirits, any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, oh, also the cardiologist I saw is leaving the area, leaving with no cardiologist Dianne 
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