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  • Jordan
    Aug 7, 2014


      Phoebe is demonstrating classic signs of nausea.    Nausea can exist even in the absence of vomiting.    My heart kitty did exactly the same thing and she was diagnosed with pancreatitis.

      My vet prescribed cerenia and within 5 hours she started eating again.   She was on this drug for 2 weeks (standard protocol is 5 days on 2 days off) straight and then we transition to another antiemetic ondansetron (zofran).  Both were very helpful.

      Vets like to prescribe Reglan which is not nearly effective in cats as the other two.

      I always keep ondansetron at home in the event I need it.  I would also recommend the Pancreatits group here on Yahoo.  They are very good and knowledgeable about inappetant cats.

      For pills I would recommend the use of gel caps.   I put mine in there and wrap that in a pill pocket and my girls goggles it up cause she thinks it is a treat!!

      Good luck to both of you
      Jordan and Sheba

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