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50395Re: [FH] Kitty suddenly stopped eating; acting strange!

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  • J. R.
    Aug 6 2:36 PM
      There is a group that we also belong to on Yahoo called feline assisted feeding...join if you can...and read the files they send if you have never dealt with eating problems like this before...the files are really helpful.
      Cats don't have the same ability to fast like humans and dogs, so not eating for a day is a real warning. Call the vet and if you can get her in for a check to make sure there is no other reason she's not eating. There are medications that can help if this is being driven by nausea....but...
      Cats typically in our experience will not eat food with medicine in it. Sounds like you are having a boatload of trouble dosing as well.
      Giving pills wrapped in pockets, in cream cheese or butter if the kitty is not lactose intolerant, putting the pill in a piece of cooked chicken liver or other food can help if you can't pill the cat directly.
      But what we have found is that having the medication compounded by a local compounding pharmacy that does work for the local vets has worked best. They can use a flavor base (fish or chicken most common) and they add sweetener to help cut the bitterness....some meds taste awful to cats and really need help to make it palatable.
      You can also 'doctor' liquid meds at home. If the local compounding pharmacy sells the flavor base you can add it yourself along with some corn sweetener (just a drop or two...cat's don't taste sweet) or honey will cut the bitterness. You can buy syringes online at places like amazon (a 100 syringe box of 3ml runs about $20) but the local pharmacies can sell you some. Just don't reuse it if you cannot fully sanitize (best to use disposable) because you could contaminate the liquid medication if you have to draw the med out of a bottle with a reused syringe.
      Hope this helps.
      Please write if we can be of further assistance
      In the meantime look at the yahoo feline assisted feeding group
      Best regards
      JR & Crew

      On Wednesday, August 6, 2014 10:38 AM, "chelseasound@... [feline-heart]" <feline-heart@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi everyone,

      My kitty Phoebe was diagnosed with severe hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM) early last month. She has been on atenolol (1/2 of a 25mg tablet) daily and 81mg of aspirin 1/2 tab every third day. She has been on both medications for about a month now. She has eaten dry food her whole life and always loved it. We switched her over to wet food so we could dispense the medicine in that and she ended up loving that even more (she wouldn't even touch her dry food anymore). When we switched we did so by combining both her dry and wet food to ween her off until it was all wet.

      Monday night (this week) I went to give her, her dinner (with meds) of wet food and she followed me into the kitchen excitedly as she normally does. I put the bowl down and she sniffed it and walked away which isn't totally abnormal for her, usually she will come back a little later and eat it. When I woke up Tuesday morning however I found she only ate a bit of it. I thought maybe I didn't mix the meds well enough so I cleaned her bowl and gave her brand new wet food without meds. She didn't eat that either. We then tried mixing her dry and wet together and she licked a bit of that. Last night we had to feed her some food and medicine on a spoon and it was pretty awful (we had to swaddle her in a blanket and she was terrified and uncomfortable)

      I went out and got several different brands and types of wet food and left that out for her to see if maybe she was just tired of the other stuff. I woke up this morning and she didn't touch any of it. I also tried to put out just dry food and she didn't eat that either. 

      What's odd is that she is running around following me everywhere and meowing like she normally does when she's hungry but the minute I put out the food she walks away and keeps meowing at me. I have a vet appointment scheduled for today but I'm SO afraid that I'll have to force feed her medication to give her an appetite just so she can eat her food with other meds in it.

      She never ever had problems eating and I feel like it has to do with the medication she is currently on. There was no other change in her behavior at all and I've been counting her breaths and they've been fine. Has anyone else's kitty experienced anything like this?

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