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  • Jordan
    Aug 5, 2014
      Approximately 1 week ago, Sheba completed her 6 week round of Clavamox for her E Coli infection.    I am confident we finally kicked it.   I am seeing no evidence of a UTI returning.   Her pee clumps are normal and her stools have been wonderfully normal with probiotics.
      We are scheduled to return to the vet for the followup urine culture this Saturday to confirm the E Coli is cleared.
      But the best news of all . . . the circling behavior around our dining room table has all but disappeared.   I KNEW something was driving this behavior and I am fairly confident it was the UTI.   She also vomited and had diarrhea when she first was diagnosed which has taught me her symptoms to a UTI are severe.
        I can totally relate to this.  I myself suffer greatly w/ a UTI's  and am excruicatingly uncomfortable and terribly restless!!
      Sheba has always been very clear (and patient)  when she is  trying to tell me something.   I know my girl well enough to now this about her.   Sometimes it just takes her Momma a little longer than normal to understand it.    But eventually we do figure it out together!!
      I will post her UA results as soon as I get them.
      Thanks again for all the help and support,
      Jordan and Sheba
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