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  • Elfinmyst
    Jul 14, 2014
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      I sent you a reply but I can't see it, so I hope you had some help over the weekend. You did absolutely everything right and getting a cardiologist and quick treatment is vital. The plavix will help to prevent clots and the lasix with the fluid. Heart disease can come out of the blue and you are now getting the treatment needed. Watch breaths, you are looking for a change in the rate or type at rest. Count for ten seconds and times by six and see what is normal when your cat is sleeping or resting , try and get a video of it. If it goes over 30, that's caution time, over 40 emergency as a rule, but any open mouth is always an emergency. Look for deeper breaths and when they pull their stomach in or any wheezing. You are in the right place here with lots of experience. 


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