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50254Re: Coughing heart related?

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  • Emily Valentin
    Jul 9, 2014
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      Hi Mel, 
      My cat Tiger used to sneeze some when he was going in CHF. He would first sneeze here and there, then a day or too would pass, and then he would begin to cough. Once he received the appropriate meds his sneezing and coughing stopped completely. However, when it was time to readjust the meds the sneezing and coughing cycle would begin again. I would notice he would lay in weird positions and he would take double breaths. Those were my signs that CHF was setting in and I would increase the diuretic some and take a trip to the vet. 

      Now, my mother has a cat with asthma and one big difference I saw is that she has a lot of eye discharge and when she coughs I can hear congestion is not dry like the cough of Tiger. I can also hear my mom's cat lungs wheeze when she breaths. So there is some difference between the coughs of asthma and those related to CHF. 

      I hope this help and I pray that Sassy feels better soon. 

      Emily--Forever Tiger's mom 

      Emily Valentin-Baker, SSP
      Licensed Specialist in School Psychology 
      Nationally Certified School Psychologist 

      "Winners never quit. Quitters never win" ~ Mom  
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