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  • J. R.
    Jul 9, 2014
      Hi. Just to note quickly our epileptic cat has been on Royal Canin Limited Ingredient Diet for years now. It comes in Duck, Rabbit, Venison...wet and dry...for variety if you need to switch it up and we do mix a little of this with that to keep it interesting for her.

      Just on the limited ingredient note...we've used Natural Balance (dick van patten's brand) also as add ins. Our vet has indicated that there have been studies (by who or when we can't say he wasn't specific but his is an internal medicine specialist) that there can be other non-label ingredients and he would prefer we stick with royal canin. Since the kitty isn't vomitin (her typical allergic type reaction ) we add it judiciously for variety. There is no salt listed on label ... if it's in there it's not on the label that we can read.

      Our HCM heart kitty is also food sensitive but we have not been successful transitioning her over to limited ingredient diet yet...she also vomits and has putrid smelling stools as her reaction. He did not warn about salt content yet and her HCM echos have been stable...she's only 1.5 years and was diagnosed at about 6 months of age.

      Hope this all helps in some way
      Best regards
      JR & Crew

      On Tuesday, July 8, 2014 5:46 PM, "Carol carolroar@... [feline-heart]" <feline-heart-noreply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I always try to use low sodium foods. Salt can cause them to retain fluids, which if retaining too much fluid, can cause congestive heart failure.  I'm not sure how to decifer those labels either. Does anyone else know?

      Carol and Angel Misty

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      Does anyone do a lowsalt diet for their heart kitty and/or does it matter how much salt is in the food.
      I am feeding a prescription hypo allergenic Royal Canin Pea and Rabbit because Grey also has Esophinilic plaque. He has been on this food for over 3 months. I had him to the dermatologist and he said I can try Beef to see if the plaque starts to come back.  I purchased the Natures Variety, Instinct grain free beef. .He likes it but I called and the salt content is 0.15.  I really dont know how to decipher what that means exactly to a can of food.. and if it is too much for his heart.
      He has HCM and is on all the meds. .He hasn't had CHF.  He was one year old in May.
      Does anyone follow a special diet.. He has to be on specific foods for his allergies but I also dont want to exacerbate or excellerate  his heart condition.

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