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  • Elfinmyst
    Jul 9, 2014

      Did you get diagnosed at a cardiologist? Or by xray? A swollen kidney is unusual, its usually a shrunken kidney when its renal disease, so I`m not sure what that means. The blood work was normal and that's excellent, so there's no kidney failure. If you haven't seen a cardiologist, I urge you to get to see one as sson as possible as they can diagnose the exact heart problem. You did well to spot the breathing issue, that's one of the red flags, an increase in rate whilst they are at rest. You need to know what the normal rate at rest is and any changes, that's a risk for heart failure. The medicines will help a lot to control heart failure, but can you tell us if you saw a cardiologist or just has an Xray? The ultrasound scan is vital for heart disease.


      Hi Everyone, In May my cat was diagnosed with mild heat disease. One side of his heart I s enlarged, he does not have any murmurs. His blood work came back normal.
      he also has one enlarged kidney.
      He was kind of of diagnosed on accident. He was not eating and I thought he was just under the weather.
      I was shocked.  He is now on meds. He has not really had any signs except on occasion he does not eat and throws up. but the throw up is also a hair ball issue.
      a couple of weeks ago he had a breathing incident where he was panting and I took him to emergency care.
      he just went for his checkup and everything seemed ok.
      My question is has anyone had the kidney issue as well. My vet said because of his blood work, he seems to be ok on that front. The heart, just the medicine. I am on constant fear.  Also, do you guys go out and leave your cat for the whole day? I feel awfully guilty and I am afraid something will happen when I am not home.
      any advice would be appreciated.
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