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  • leeanncohen2512
    Jul 9, 2014
      My cat is 19 hyper t and heart and diabetic...she was fine up until 2 weeks ago...kidney values went up when thyroid went down...thyroid went down...kidney values stayed elevated...
        Sunshine wasn't acting normal last night and i spent the night at the er and the day at the cardiologist...fluid around her heart and in her lungs...they gave her an iv with lasix and i'm supposed to give 12.5 tonight and tomorrow morning then after that 1/2 am and 12.5 pm then recheck heart in a week...i had been giving SOME sub qs every other day the last week not knowing her not feeling well was heart related...now she can't have fluids for the kidneys and a high dose of lasix on top of this...PLEASE tell me this can be managed..i've had her from 2 days old.

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