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49930Leo's vet visit

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  • hemizonia
    Apr 7, 2014
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      Took Leo to the vet today.  His temp was hi norm, just under 103.  Doc says that there must be something going on for the temp to spike like it did last night.  Today, his nasal congestion and eye inflammation are markedly better.  This morning, Leo actually ate a bit of Fancy Feast.
      Blood work is improved in that his BUN is a normal 18 instead of 53.  Doc thinks the hi BUN last week was due both to dehydration and decreased blood flow to the kidneys.  Leo's potassium is now mid-range normal.  The only abnormality on his blood work (chem panel and CBC) was his glucose which was up just a bit, and due to stress.
      Doc did a chest xray ... Leo does have a bit of pleural effusion, but not much, not enough to be concerned about.  He also did a Pro BNP to check for the cardiac peptide.  Not good.  It is markedly elevated which means that Leo's heart is failing.  Per xray, Leo's heart is literally heart-shaped ... both atria are ballooned out.  I didn't ask, and the vet didn't say, but I don't think Leo will be around much longer.
      Leo was switched from atenolol to dilacor, a long acting calcium channel blocker (like diltiazem).  He may tolerate it better than atenolol, however it will not be as effective for his SAM (systolic anterior motion).  I asked about switching his diuretic to spironolactone/HCTZ as it is milder and potassium-sparing, and the doc said we would do that, but if Leo starts having difficulties, to give him lasix.  Many years ago, I had a cat, Weena, who had severe heart and kidney disease.  Spirono/HCTZ was her maintenance diuretic ... easier on her kidneys.  But I also had lasix on hand to yank her out of CHF.
      I am to continue giving Leo baytril daily.  I figure I'll continue the lysine as well.  Won't hurt anything.  Doctor said to try some cyproheptidine as an appetite stimulant.  From using this before, I know it might work, but I have to be very careful with the stuff.  I usually have to start out with just a sliver of what is prescribed.  Seems my siamese overly react to it.
      To keep Leo hydrated, I'll still be giving him oral water and cautiously give 50 ml subq.
      Once home, Leo is in his favorite spot, very tired from the trip. I've offered him food, but he's not interested.  His sister, Willow, is snuggled up beside him, licking his face.  While watching her do this, I remembered seeing Leo doing that for Willow about a month ago when Willow was going downhill with her cancer.  Since starting her on palladia, she seems to be getting better daily.  Strange how just a month ago, I never would have thought that I would lose Leo before Willow.
      mary & Leo (and sister Willow)