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49926RE: [FH] Gump got his wings this morning

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    Apr 7, 2014
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      hi Carol and the clowder
      what a beautiful epitaph for what sounds like a wonderful kitty-cat. so sorry, though.
      my prayer is that my Chloie -- set to turn just 15 this month and suffering from RCM and CHF -- leaves swiftly on her own terms when the time comes too. so far, she has defied a lot of veterinary expectations and I am praying and hoping she will continue. she is my only kitty baby left.
      Josie and Chloie

      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 12:49:58 -0700
      Subject: [FH] Gump got his wings this morning

      My handsome little old man crossed the bridge on his own terms this morning.  The balance between HCM and CRF were permanently out of whack.  He had both severe dehydration and a pleural effusion. 

      He eagerly drank water this morning.  He looked up at me with absolute recognition in his eyes.  I hopped in the tub and only a few minutes later, Gump's boyfriend of 7 years called out like Lassie calling for help with a little boy in the well.  He was gone in the time it took for my husband to run down the stairs.

      He would have been 21 in August.  In addition to HCM, and CRF - he was hypothyroid and had a suspected brain tumor.  We had him since he was 6 weeks old.  Found with his 2 sisters in a box on the side of the road.  We adopted all 3 of them.

      He was an amazing little man.  He was patient and gentle.  He would sneak onto a lap in stealth mode.  People would find themselves petting a cat before they even knew he was there.  In his last 3 years, he raised 2 kittens, a tough job for an elderly gentleman.  He lived a life well beyond his assigned 9 lives.

      I feel sad and empty, but I know he lived a good life and left this world swiftly.  Our vet said he was an amazing little guy that proved that survival statistics mean absolutely nothing.

      He will be missed by all who were lucky enough to know him.  

      Carol and the clowder

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