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49922Leo not so good

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  • hemizonia
    Apr 7, 2014
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      From doing better on Saturday, Leo has gone downhill Sunday.  I've been cautiously rehydrating him, and not giving lasix (he had been on just 6.25 mg daily, but he became very dehydrated and hypokalemic).  Saturday, Leo was starting to nibble at food, he even did some grooming.
      Sunday, I noted that he was showing just the slightest bit of paradoxical breathing (stomach going in while taking in a breath, and use of accessory muscles for breathing).  I gave him 1/2 tab of lasix.  His respiratory rate today has been slightly elevated, but not bad, up to 30-32/min from his normal 20-24.  He absolutely refused food Sunday.  I even poached him some fresh sole with a bit of butter.  Nope.  Fancy Feast?  Nope.  Human tuna?  Nope.  I've been putting globs of Nutri-Cal type paste on the roof of his mouth, and he's been getting that down.  No subq fluids (he got 75-80 ml Saturday night), but got 100-120 ml of water into him orally.
      Last Thursday when I took him to the vet, I did mention that Leo has had a runny nose, just his left nostril, but it was minor and the vet didn't think much about it.  Over the weekend it's gotten worse.  Several times today, I noticed quite a bit of runny mucus.  Saturday, I saw that there was a bit of pink tinge to it occasionally.  Evidently, he has a URI that has gotten a lot worse.  Thought it might be a herpes outbreak (although I've never seen it here before) and I gave him 500 mg of lysine Sunday.  Just took his temp as he felt warm to the touch (contrary to earlier Sunday).  104.7.  Damn.  Got some baytril into him, and have gotten his ears wet with cool water.  Took away his cuddle bed and gave him just several folded soft towels to lay on.
      Well, over an hour now since I started baytril and cool down.  Leo's temp has come down to 103.9.  Am sure glad I didn't give him more lasix.  If his URI has gone into a bronchitis/pneumonitis, lasix would make it worse.  Leo seems a bit more alert now too.
      Can't afford an ER visit right now ... just to walk in the door costs $120.  My vet opens in 4 hours, and I'll be taking Leo in. 
      Who needs sleep anyway?  Sure glad too that I have a home-based business and don't have to be in a cubicle somewhere at 8am.
      mary & Leo
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