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49914Leo on Friday

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  • hemizonia
    Apr 5, 2014
      Hello all-
      Many thanks to all who replied to Leo's Thursday post.  I appreciate all of your input.
      Leo seems to slowly be getting better.  Very slowly.  I can't believe how dehydrated he was, and how quickly.  You'd think that after taking care of so many sick animals I would have caught his condition before it got so bad.  But as I say, he went down fast.
      Friday morning, he licked a lot at the Fancy Feast.  Friday night, he actually ate some (little nibbles, but got down about 1/2 of one of those small cans.  His doctor says Leo has severe heart disease, and to avoid stress.  I tried the other day to assist feed him with a syringe, but he turns away quickly.  Any other cat, I'd just bundle him up in a towel and go for it.  But with Leo, I can't stress him.
      His dehydration is slowly improving as well.  Again, I have to be cautious.  I've been getting at least 100 ml water per day into him orally, 5 or 10 ml at a time.  I give him 50 ml subq fluid daily (I think I could do this twice a day and get away with it).  He will lap up tuna water, and offer that to him throughout the day.  Last thing I want to do is to push it too fast and for him to go into CHF.
      I think his potassium is coming up too.  He's still wobbly, but not as bad.  Tonight, he racked out in front of the wood stove and spent some time grooming.  His purr has been "broken" lately, but tonight, he did purr a bit (he might also be pissed at me for making him drink water all day).  I've seen him walking through the house, tail held high, in his characteristic Leo saunter.
      I've probably gotten a solid tablespoon (or more) of the Nutri-Cal type paste into him today, about 3/8 of an inch at a time.  I gave him a dose of cerenia tonight which seemed to help as well. 
      Doctor wanted me to give Leo benazepril for his kidneys, but I'm holding off on this until he's rehydrated.  With volume depletion, his BP might be low.  I'm not that worried about his renal function right now .... his creatinine on Wednesday was 1.5, so it's not like he's severely compromised there.
      I told the vet that it seemed that since being put on cardiac meds (atenolol, plavix, lasix) in December, his appetite has suffered.  I wondered if perhaps the atenolol might be making him queasy (found out this is a rare side effect in cats).  Doc said not eating well is due to his heart disease.  I don't know.  Seems that he was eating ok before the meds.  Has anyone out there had their cat not tolerate atenolol, or get nauseated from it?  Doc said that we could switch to diltiazem, but that med wouldn't address Leo's SAM (systolic anterior motion).
      Willow, Leo's sister, has been having a pig-out today with the Fancy Feast.  Because of her diabetes, she's been limited to DM.  I worried about that, but at noon when I checked her blood sugar, she was down to 70.  GASP!!!  Gave her a bit of Karo syrup on her gums and held her insulin.  Tonight, after gulping down Fancy Feast all day, her BG was only 262.  Sure that's high for a normal cat, but for Willow, and for not getting insulin for 24 hrs prior, this is amazing.  It should have been between 400-600.  No kidding.  Since starting her on Palladia several weeks ago for her cancer, she's been getting better almost daily.  And here the Davis oncologist and the IM doc locally both said not to give it to her, that it would make her horribly ill.  After getting input from a number of people that their cats did well on it (thank you Jenny!), I insisted that we try it.  The Davis oncologist said just to put Willow on buprenex and let her go.  The IM doc said she would get some palladia for Willow, but kept putting it off.  So I just about begged my PDVM (whom I've gone to for over 25 years), and he got it for Willow.  At the time, Willow was on buprenex daily and was going downhill daily. 
      So anyway, Leo seems to be on the mend, but it's tricky.  Years ago, I had a cat with both RCM and CRF.  A real balancing act.  So, I have been there done it, but it can be nerve-wracking.  So damn delicate.
      mary & Leo (& sister Willow)
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