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49911Re: Leo on Thursday

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  • Jenny
    Apr 4, 2014
      When I administer subq fluids to a cat with low potassium, I add 20 mEq of KCL to each liter of fluid.
      If I were to give any subq to a heart kitty with overload issues, I would give a test dose of 20-30 cc at first and administer it by syringe.
      Dave's heart failure kitty Mister does sometimes need fluids due to diuresis when his sugar gets high and also if his pancreatitis kicks in.
      The blood level of potassium is only the tip of the iceberg. Most K+ is stored inside cells. When blood levels are low, intracellular stores are already depleted. So when you replace K+, it goes to the intracellular space first and blood levels barely budge until this hidden deficit has been satisfied.

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