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49908Re: [FH] Long term effects of Heart drugs

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    Apr 4, 2014
      Re: [FH] Long term effects of Heart drugs Jan,
      my boy has severe DCM an increasingly very enlarged left atrium with an enlarged ventricle and a thinning outer left wall and thickening, stiffening septum contributing to less and less ability to contract. His FS is down from a low 26% in November to an even lower 22%.
      His cardiologist recently hiked up his medications to:
      1½ pimobendan twice/day = 3 tablets total (was 1 BID)
      1 whole 12.5 mg furosemide twice/day = 2 tablets total ( was 1/2 BID)
      1/2 of 5mg Benazepril once a day ( same as before)
      1/4 Clopidogrel/Plavix once a day ( same as before)
      1/4 of a 81mg Aspirin = 20mg every 3 days ( newly added)

      Benazepril is mostly cleared by the liver while Enalapril is mostly cleared by the kidneys.  They both do the same, are sister drugs, but Benazepril is easier on the kidneys which are already stressed by the Furosemide (Lasix) typicaal heart med treatment. You might ask your vet to switch to Benazepril and save the kidneys unnecessary stress. And yuo can substitute all or some of the needed diuretic Lasix with spironolactone.
      Several here give a combo and I am considering this currently after hiking up the Lasix as Spironolactone will not deplete potassium.  Potassium should ideally be in the midrange around 4.5 and not below 4 as low levels also damage the kidneys and the blood work’s value is higher than inside the muscles where the potassium is really needed and this includes the heart muscle.  
      Taurine as supplement and esp. for the muscles seems important and you cannot do much harm with it AFAIK, say with 250mg/day 1/3 to 1/2 of the 500mg capsule which is already premeasured.  Sammy’s cardiologist suggested to spplement150mg.

      Unlike Lasix, I do not know what side effects Plavix ( clopidogrel) or pimobendan will have eventually, but if they are needed, heart trumps all other organs.

      Others here may know about Atenolol.

      One of the side effects of Plavix in combination with aspirin that my Sammy is on to avoid blood clotting, will be that you have to avoid injury and bleeding (surgeries, cat fights), something to consider if your kitty needs a dental extraction for example you can ask your vet to temporarily slow down, not abruptly reduce the ant-clotting medication(s). You have to think of that as your vet, may forget to consider this in advance. The same is true for BP lowering medications your vet –dentist- needs to review those medications if anesthesia is necessary. It is very tricky and needs a careful plan, I have learned this the hard way.

      Sammy’s resting breathing rate oscillates between 28 and 34, His cardiologist sat a target of 40 max. Ever since we started treating early November his resting BR and the effort to lift the ribcage when sleeping not dreaming, usually moderate effort, have been pretty constant.


      Erika with Sammy

      on 4/3/14 23:21 , JANROSE828@... at JANROSE828@... wrote:

      Does anyone know if there are long term effects from the drugs for the HCM. Atenolol, plavix and enalapril.
      Does it effect the cats kidneys or cause any other ailments, when used for years.

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