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49907Re: [FH] Whose cat takes Pimobendan a.k.a. Vetmedin?

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    Apr 3, 2014
      My Sammy has been on pimobendan , lately 2 pills /day he weighs now 14.5 lbs
      and I cannot tell if it has any bad side effects or if it actually helps his
      severe DCM as enthusiastically toutd by his two cardiologists. Many here
      have cats on Pimobendan a few are certain that it makes a big positive
      difference I had mail of one mmebr who tried it several times and each time
      her kittie had so many side effects that she had to stop it. She would try
      it again and side effects re-appearred and disappeared as oon as she stopped
      it. Since most of our cats are on several heart medications it is hard to
      be sure if Pimobendan is the one that keeps them alive. It depends on the
      actual heart problem, I would think and the only official study on cats with
      varying heart problems was inconclusive.

      You can google Feline and Pimobendan Vetmedin

      I am attaching a table of a study which is unconvincing, see for yourself.


      Erika with Sammy

      on 4/3/14 23:28 , jomarbut@... at jomarbut@... wrote:

      > Our cat that was recently diagnosed with Moderator Band Cardiomyopathy, is on
      > Pimobendan. We are concerned about the many possible side effects. Has your
      > cat or was it on Pimobendan? For how long? Did it experience or suffer from
      > any complications or even some side effects? Was your cat on it for CHF or
      > other reason? Has your cat had any improvement? If your cat died while on
      > Pimobendan, how long did it live while taking Pimobendan? Any advice or
      > information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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