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49904Leo on Thursday

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  • hemizonia
    Apr 3, 2014
      Hi all-
      Thank you all so much for your replies!  They are most appreciated and considered.
      Leo remains "puny."  In case his tummy is upset (no vomiting though), I dosed him with 5 mg of famotidine and 2 mg of odansetron.  Also gave him some B vitamins.  He is getting up and walking around a little bit, but is very wobbly.  I suspect his potassium is still low even with the supplementation.  He won't eat the food on hand, so I made a special trip into town to get several varieties of Fancy Feast.  Crap food I know, but it has flavor enhancers that can "prime the pump" so to speak.  I've dealt with many inappetant cats over the years, and sometimes it takes junk food to get their appetite restarted.
      Leo did go over to the dry food bowl (Purina DM because his sister Willow, is diabetic).  He put his nose into the food, but didn't eat.  Darn it.  He did lick at the Fancy Feast for some time, but I don't know how much he actually consumed (it was pate, not pieces in gravy).
      While in town, I got some Nutri-Cal type stuff.  Hi calorie, mostly carbs, but still with some protein.  Squeezes out of a tube like brown toothpaste.  Chicken flavored.  Leo didn't seem to mind that.  Got about a teaspoon into him so far.
      I still haven't given him subq fluids.  I've been giving him fluid orally instead.  He is looking better, but dehydrates pretty fast.  So far today, I've gotten 60 ml into him (2 ounces). 
      The problem about Leo is that the vet strongly says not to stress him because of his heart condition (HCM with significant SAM).  So I syringe water into his mouth 1/2 tsp at a time (5 ml = 1 tsp).  He doesn't tolerate syringe feeding.  It's not like he freaks out or anything, he just tries to leave the area, and he's still a big strong cat (when healthy, he is about 14-15 lbs, really big for a wedge-head siamese).  When I give him the nutrient paste, I can do only a couple little bits before again, he tries to leave.  With other cats, I've just bundled them up in towels, and they are stuck until I'm done.  Can't do that with Leo.
      Willow is delighted at having access to forbidden foods like Fancy Feast.  She's supposed to strictly get her Rx diet.  I'm sure tonight her blood sugar will be up around 400 after she pigged out on the FF.  I didn't want to take her away from it, as her eating it encouraged Leo to lick at it.  sigh.
      From closely watching Leo's breathing, he seems ok.  No increased respirations, not even a prolonged expiratory phase.  His doctor sent off a thyroid test from blood work yesterday; should hear the results tomorrow.
      Curiously, about 3 or 4 years ago, a different vet said Leo had HCM.  He was put on diltiazem, with lasix on hand if needed.  About a year later, I took Leo in for a recheck for the HCM (there weren't any problems during that year with him).  The same vet with the same U/S machine said that Leo's HCM was gone.  He thought that perhaps Leo had had an overactive thyroid cyst or something similar, but that the thyroid issue had resolved.  So Leo was taken off diltiazem (which had been causing his heart rate to be only around 100).  Off meds, Leo has been doing very well.  This past December, I noticed he was coughing occasionally, so took him to the vet to check for a respiratory infection.  Chest xray = enlarged heart.  U/S = HCM with SAM.  His vet now says that sometimes the diagnosis of HCM can be very subjective, particularly when marginal.
      Willow is again snuggled with her brother in their cuddle basket.  It's so sweet.  She has her arm around Leo, and her head on top of his, as if to say, "it's ok bro.  I'm here with you."  Willow probably only has months to live, at best due to her sarcoma.  But she's making the most of it.
      thanks to you all again
      mary & Leo (& little sister Willow)
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