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49891Re: Odd issue

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  • Jordan
    Mar 31, 2014
      Hi Vickie,
      I have had similiar situations happen a couple of times with my heart kitty, Sheba.     
      In my case, it was never heart related, rather she may have fallen or slipped off my bed.    Or something scared her.   In retrospect, I realize now that she was losing her sight and probably could not see she was at the edge of the bed.   Or miscalculated the spot she was jumping too.   
      In any event, her behavior was a bit off for a few days.    She would not sleep in the bed where she normally spends most of her time.
      The vet stated that she may have associated the fall with the "mean, old nasty bed" and kept her distance for 5 days.   I just continued to give her some extra love and attention and allowed her to sleep where she was comfortable.  I also put a Feliway diffuser in my room and spray her spot on my bed with some more, and in time she returned to her normal habits again.
      It just took time and patience,
      Jordan and Sheba
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