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  • vllevan
    Mar 30, 2014

      Good Morning,


      We had an odd and scary issue last night. My cat, Illyana is 2 years and 3 months old. She was dx with HCM at 7 mos. In Dec at her regular 6 mo check up her specialty vet took her off the Benazapril and Plavix stating she looked and sounded so good he didn't feel it was needed. We had a 4 mo recheck on Thursday with a new vet - Cardiologist in S. Fl as I've had to move - he was surprised at the dx of HCM saying everything looked normal. He said stay with the Atenol and we'll recheck in 6 mos. Last night Illyana was walking down the hallway and looked woobly on her front legs. I picked her up and she howled. We sat down and she took like 2 minutes to get to herself again. Being a frantic kitty mom I grabbed her carrier and off to the ER we went. They said her heart and lungs / breathing was all normal sounding. We did X-Rays as the vet thought it may be a back injury. With the move recently Illyana has been climbing to the top of the world. also, we have tile here and didn't before so when she runs she tends to skid into something. Also, Illyana's mid back was twiching and she was flicking er tail. After the X-Rays they brought her back to me and she was just kind of anxious - didn't seem comfortable sitting, better laying and just wanted me to cuddle her. she's normally pretty cuddly but last night she just wanted mommy to pet her while she laid on the exam table. She was given pain meds and a muscle relaxer - and the same to do as needed when we left. She's eatten, drank and purrs when I cuddle her. She was spacy last night from the neds but more herself today. She doesn't want to sleep in bed with me which she would normally do if it's chilly. Last night and today I placed her on the bed and she was like nope - not comfy and jumped down and went back to a dresser she sleeps on. She was awake a lot last night (so was I) but that's also normal for her. when she walks or moves around I don't see anything odd but still am very concerned that the vet wasn't able to offer any real idea of what happened yesterday. Any thoughts?


      Thank you!!

      Vickie and Ilyanna

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