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  • Elfinmyst
    Mar 28, 2014
      Hi Stephanie

      I`m glad Caly had the echo, it;s the gold standard for diagnosis. A moderate thickening is moderate HCM and the atenolol is very good at stabilising that in my cats. All mine started with atenolol and none had blood pressure problems except Milli but she was on 13 drugs a day at the time. A small dose of atenolol will help so much. 
      You have the dental issue and most of us here have faced it. All my HCM cats did fine with the dental but the cardiologist will know the best anaesthetic to use. Milli had surgery at the animal hospital but the others with my normal vet. If a dental is needed, toothache is horrible, so sometimes there is no choice, but if it's not urgent I think they are right to wait.
      You can help now. I give Coenzyme Q10 at 30mg daily, but if started you can't stop it quickly. All my heart cats have this for years.
      Count breaths and get your camera out to take a piccie of her breathing wehn gently asleep. Find the rate per minute and note it.
      That way you can quickly see any problem. Up to 30 is normal, 30+ warning and 40+ emergency. Remember must be at rest.
      If there are changes to the type of breathing, like drawing stomach in, open mouth or an increase at rest, that's the time to call the vet. 


      Hi everyone,
      My name is Stephanie. I'm a new member. 
      My cat Caly was supposed to go in for a dental and I brought her in for an exam beforehand. The vet said she had a heart murmur, so we did blood work and a proBNP test. The blood work was all normal except an elevated monocyte level, and then the BNP was very high.

      From there an echocardiogram was recommended, so we did that. The results showlodist ed a moderate thickening of the heart lining. The vet prescribed Atenolol. I don't know anything about heart issues, so that's why I'm here!
      I was reading about Atenolol, and how it's pretty much used to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. The echo showed that she had a rapid heart rate. They checked her blood pressure but it was normal.
      So my question is: if her blood pressure is normal, and this drug lowers it, wouldn't that be dangerous? Is there another drug that just w orks to slow the heart rate?

      Obviously we haven't done the dental yet as I don't want to chance putting her under anesthesia. The echocardiologist recommended that I give her the Atentolol for a month and then we can do the dental. i don't know if she would have to on it after ward or not.

      Any advice would be much appreciated!

      Stephanie and Caly, Nero, Savanah, Nubby and Marsha 
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