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49751Oxygenchamber/ Nebulizer chamber

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    Mar 1, 2014
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      I just viewed the homemade carrier chambers, they resemble what I
      struggled with at first when my Chloe had to get Mucomyst nebulizer
      treatment. It was very tedious to get it all taped up each time and
      airtight for the 20 minutes of the treatment. The carrier that should be
      washed down after each treatment to avoid bacterial growth was hard to clean
      with thetape business around the door.
      At the time I found on the web , unfortunately no longer available, an
      exacting set of photo instructions how to make up a nebulizer chamber from a
      bit larger sterlite storage box with a snap-on lid.
      I heated up a plumber┬╣s remnant piece of a 3/4┬▓ diameter pipe on my cooktop
      and melt-burned with the glowing hot pipe piece a hole into the side of the
      storage box. Did it this way, because I did not have the suggested
      electrical drill set to cut out the hole.
      The hole received the nebulizer distributor duck-taped in and that was it.
      I could see Chloe, she could see out, it was very easy to wash out the
      container after each treatment and observe her for any signs of distress
      while being treated. I would like to upload the photo but do not know how
      I felt the difference in ease of preparation, and cleaning was like day and
      night versus the leaking carrier version of which I also still have a photo.

      Attached is the sterlite storage box photo and am not sure if it will pass
      through the filters. Carol, I have added your address, maybe you can view


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