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49727Re: [FH] Sudden/complete/heart attack on kitty

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  • Carol
    Feb 22, 2014
      Yes, it can happen that fast, with no warning or any symptoms of anything. Whether it's an actual heart attack or them throwing a clot and having a stroke, it can happen.  One of our angels, Snowball, had a sudden stroke and passed twenty minutes later. Snowball didn't have any heart disease that they could diagnose, even though we had a cardiologist give her ultrasounds 3 times a year for the last two years of her life.  They never found anything. All she had was a fast heart rate.  New year's day 2010 she jumped down from the window to the floor, let out a horrible scream and seemed to be paralyzed in her back end. She passed within 20 minutes. Nothing we could do.  Sometimes even if you keep on top of things, get all the right tests, have cardiac workups, give all the right meds... there can still be that sudden occurrence that can take them. We just lost our 22 1/2 yr old Misty on Nov. 30th to congestive heart failure. Fine one day, CHF the next.  No warning, except she too had a fast heart rate.  You just never know.

      Carol and Angel Misty

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      From: deepark57 <deepark57@...>

       she climbed over me  in bed to settle in my arms...let out the most horrible growl...... and was completely gone!!!!! Just dead..nothing I could do....I tried mouth to snout...push her side,..moving her, everything...I could not believe it!!!! Has anyone else had the sudden heart attack with their kitty..no pre warning? its horrible...Its a year in April...sure miss the bonehead (Vanessa)...
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