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49709Re: SUBJECT Side effects of Furosemide and Enapril

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  • Jenny
    Feb 19, 2014
      I would definitely take her to a Cardiologist.
      Mister had 2 episodes of falling down and losing the use of his legs and I got him to the Cardiologist the next day and his heart failure was diagnosed. His atria were large and there was sludge so she thought he may have had little strokes. He is now on plavix with no more episodes.
      Mister had an arrhythmia at the time this happened but now has a regular heart rate. He also was tapped for a 200 ml pleural effusion at the time and it had a little chyle.
      Anyway, I do highly recommend a Cardiogy visit. The specialist can work together with your general vet.

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