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49694Re: anyone with an HCM cat have a gallop rhythm?

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  • Elfinmyst
    Feb 16, 2014
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      Hi Josie

      I`m not sure what a gallop rhythm is but HCM is normally a genetic condition in cats, inherited. It is a gene which causes a problem with the heart  muscle walls to become thickened (hypertrophic) and cardiomyopathy (means disease of the heart muscle) . It is progressive, but it can be slowed or even stabilised, sometimes for many years. My little Trixi was 12 weeks old at diagnosis with a grade 4 murmur and congestion. She was given 2 months to live. 
      It's her 8th birthday and she has lived 8 years, and we keep adding more pills as needed. She was also one of the first to trial Vetmedin when she had a heart attack and we had nothing to lose. 
      Maxi has also lived 8 years with it, and some of the others are coming up for 5 years. 

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