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49688Re: New member: Help/advice needed

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  • Emily Valentin
    Feb 15, 2014
      Hi Sarah, 

      First of all, wow! Why a stressful situation. My Tiger has a very advance stage of heart disease and his vet and cardiologist keep wanting me to bring him in every 3 months for blood work, X-rays and echo. Umm I don't think so. Tiger went in Thursday and he is still recuperating from the ordeal...so I know exactly what you means and understand your frustration with vets. At least you have that nice vet treating your senior cat. I am glad she is giving you support. For sure take the chance and go to Colorado or Vegas to see the cardiologist. But do not give any calming pills to your kitty because those could be harmful. You are an MD so I am sure you know this. 

      Be patient and remember that all we can do is make sure that they are comfortable for as long as possible. 

      I do have a question regarding the heart. Can a heart, in a cat, become so enlarged that it begins to press on the lungs compromising breathing? I have looked at the cat anatomy and it look like their hearts is centered in between the lungs. What do you think? 

      Emily Valentin-Baker, SSP
      Licensed Specialist in School Psychology 
      Nationally Certified School Psychologist 

      "Winners never quit. Quitters never win" ~ Mom  
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