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49647Diltiazem Question

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  • Heather Thompson
    Jan 31, 2014
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      So the specialist told us to get the Diltiazem in the XR so we only have to give it once a day.  However she said that we open the capsules and there are little tablets inside and to give one tablet a day.  My vet called her supplier and they had no idea about this.  Does anyone know if this is true?  Is it the same for all the MG (120, 180, 240)?  He needs about 30mg per day and from what I have been researching each capsule contains 60mg tablets to equal the 120, 180, 240.  My vet wanted me to check with a couple of pharmacies etc to see if this is correct.  The pharmacists of course told me that it can't be broken down as it's XR.  My vet is willing to order it in but just wants to make sure before she orders a bunch in that it will work the way the specialist said it would.

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