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49601RE: [FH] Atenolol and Aspirin?

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  • Mary Sue Rubin
    Jan 16, 2014



      Are there any research studies on this? Our cardiologist prescribes the ¼ dose. I’d like to discuss the higher dose with him. Esther as been on it for 11 ½ months (along with Vetmedin, benazepril, and Lasix) with no blood clots and she seems to handle the aspirin well along with ¼ Pepcid. She has restrictive-like CM and when diagnosed in Feb, 2013 she had CHF and had had a blood clot. Her 2nd echo in July showed improvement, and her blood work last week was perfect in every way other than a high white count due to a mouth infection. She will be 19 in 5 weeks. Her survival for this log was unexpected. She is still active, runs, jumps, and climbs though in the past year she has lost her hearing.


      Mary Sue


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      A lot of vets, and I'm not sure why, are low-dosing the aspirin, which in my opinion does nothing.  Current therapy is 81 mg every 3 days. 

      Karen Plasket, DVM


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