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49588Re: [FH] Hypertension, Hypothermia, Rapid Weight loss with no appetite change

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  • hemizonia
    Jan 10, 2014
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      Hello Alis-
      Wow, Dove is making everyone scratch their heads.  Depending upon the results of the ultrasounds, you might think about doing a consult with an internal med vet.
      Dove's urine is that badly dilute, and could be related to his water consumption.  The BUN is on the high side; maybe have your vet do a fecal occult blood.  How is Dove's hematocrit/PCV?  Any anemia?  Blood loss thru the GI tract can raise the BUN, and some kind of GI malabsorption problem may be causing his weight loss even with a vigorous appetite.
      The weight loss and hi BP is suggestive of hyperthyroidism, but the free T4 doesn't seem to indicate this.  Two thoughts about this ... with older cats, the high norm for thyroid function is much lower than in younger cats.  Thyroid hormone decreases normally with age.  Am also wondering about a thyroid abnormality that causes transient shifts in hormonal output (could also arise from the pituitary gland).
      Please do let us all know what your vet finds out, and I sincerely hope it is all easily treatable.
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