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49329Low Blood Pressure

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  • psychoforkaatz
    Dec 4, 2013

      Hi all, I have a question that has not been answered by my vet, she doesn't see anything wrong.

      I had a cat, Josie, who had HCM with SAM. She lived for two years after diagnosis, two heart attacks, three strokes, misdiagnosed with CRF until after first stroke and ER visit her kidney values went completely normal permanently, a case of cholangiohepatitus (?) and some other infections. She had consistently 90 blood pressure. I can't remember if this was before or only after prescribed with Atenolol.

      I also had my boy Rusty, a former feral who was almost 12. He has been very healthy except for dental issues. His brother and he were feral barn cats, with lots of inbreeding, so inherited health issues are common. His brother had to have all teeth extracted, what remained, and Rusty had a few extracted and had regular cleanings and pulse antibiotics for inflamed gums. On Nov 4th, Rusty suddenly keeled over and died. No symptoms of illness, he just looked up, fell over, tried to stand, fell over again and seized for ten seconds and died. I am devastated still as you all can understand. He was just in for a thorough exam and tests in April and all was well except his BP was consistently 80. The vet was unconcerned. No murmurs or any suspected heart, or other, disease. His "life partner" Samson, they were always entwined and inseparable, was also checked out and all good but BP  was 85-90 consistently. I would have expected these former ferals to have high BP not low. I've talked with my other vet and he also is not concerned with low BP.

      I actually came on this group when trying to go on hypert and was reading posts before I realized I was on the heart group. I noticed another post on low BP and went to the link in the post where I read that some causes/symptoms of low BP were thickened blood that could cause clotting. I believe that was the cause of Rusty's sudden death, which took under two minutes, start to finish. A clot in the brain or aneurysm or something like that. I've looked all over the net for info on low BP in cats and its just not there.

      Does anyone have any experience with low BP in cats? It seems strange that three of my cats that I know of have had low BP. I don't want to lose another cat because of some undiagnosed condition. And I can't get any info from any of my vets.

      Thanks, Kendall

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