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49305Rare condition ?

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  • Banu Korgul
    Nov 28, 2013


      I am writing you from istanbul turkey. Again for a sick stray cat we are trying to save.

      This kitty was having trouble breathing. Heart ultrasound and later Doppler exam showed that there is a narrow place in the part where heart pumps blood to lungs. Since adequate blood isn't reaching his lungs, his body can't get enough oxygen and he has increased breathing. Vet prescribed beta blockers only hoping that the damage to his heart can be slowed down. Betablockers aren't helping much w the breathing.
      Our reading shows that there is a balloon treatment.. which not applicable here in turkey. Is it routine in us? Europe?

      Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

      This kitty is very friendly and full of life. Just under a year old gray tabby boy..


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