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49286Medications available (LA area)

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  • phpdiva
    Nov 19, 2013
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      We have some medications left after our Elvis passed away. 

      Disclaimer. It goes without saying, but some of these are powerful meds, so please only ask for these if your kitty has been prescribed them, and you would just like to save some costs (I know how fast those add up!)

      Some of these are quite pricey, so maybe they can help another kitty in need. Elvis would be so happy to help! 

      It's preferable that you are in LA area, since some of these are liquid and/or need to stay refrigerated. But we might be able to work out some shipping, if needed. 

      Here is the list (as you can see, we tried a few different administration methods). 

      - Mirtazapine tablets (15mg) - appetite stimulant
      - Benazapril tablets (5mg)
      - Lasix tablets (20mg)
      - Plavix tablets (75 mg)

      Injectable - almost full vials, we only used them for a week:
      - Injectable Lasix (50 mg/ml)
      - Injectable lovenox (100 mg/ml)

      Compounded liquids (all fresh brand-new reorder):
      - Aspirin in oil (80 mg/ml)
      - Lasix bacon-flavored (10 mg/ml)
      - Plavix bacon-flavored (18.75 mg/ml)
      - Doxycycline syrup (antibiotic) (10 mg/ml)