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  • marianna.mayer
    Nov 18, 2013
      Dear Jenn,
      I am so awfully sorry your Rollo is gone.
      Why do you think you should have been emotionally prepared? Believe me, no matter how much we know or even how frequently we have to arrange to say 'goodbye', if we are still a feeling/loving being, we are devastated when the moment actually comes. Everything else is intellectualizing.
      To tell you that you did everything, I'm certain you know already. To say that this disease is so unpredictable is another fact you know...after all you lived the contradiction with Rollo. He should have expired long before...and yet he didn't. He defied the odds. It's a true testatment to his love for you, I'm sure. And your dedication to keeping him well and comfortable despite his weak heart. And, then, there's luck. We all run out of that eventually.
      Please take care of yourself.


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      We lost Rollo early Friday evening.  He had a good morning and then late afternoon started to seem uncomfortable.  My husband was on the way home and not long after he got here Rollo started to really have trouble breathing.  We rushed him to our vet and stopped his suffering.  

      I am so happy he had such a very short period of discomfort.  Over 6 months ago we made the decision not have his chest tapped again as he was just filling right back up with fluid.  We upped his Lasix dose and came home expecting to have him for a few days, a few weeks if we were lucky.  Honestly it was the best decision we ever made.  Rollo never handled medical procedures very well but he did well on the medicine and was very happy to not be poked and prodded.  Thank God he was such an easy cat to medicate.  He proved everyone wrong and lasted so much longer than anyone expected.  I'm thankful beyond w ords for every day we had him. He spent that time with us and our other kitties he loved, being loved on and loving us all back.  It was time well spent and is something that is precious beyond words.

      You would think after all the time I had to get ready that this would be easier but it just doesn't work that way.  Rollo was my constant companion. He was always by my side and now that spot is empty.  We have other cats and I love them all but Rollo was my special cat.  He was sweet and charming and had so much personality.  Everyone who ever met him loved him. He was waiting for me near the door every time I came home and would jump up, so happy I was home.  I'm not sure coming home will ever be the same again. Quite honestly at this point I'm just lost.

      Thank you all so much for all the information and advice here.  I really believe the CoQ10 helped him so much, making him not l ose muscle mass and keeping him strong.  When we took him back in for a check up our vet was amazed how well he looked, considering all the different medical issues he had going on.  He was one strong kitty.  I really do believe the supplement helped buy him extra time and for that I can't thank you enough. 

      I know several people here have lost believed kitties recently.  Please know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.


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