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49278Good and Bad News

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  • elfinmyst
    Nov 18, 2013
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      Hi all
      So today we went to Liverpool with Trixi and Maisie. A lot of you will know Trixi and her report was excellent. Although her wall thickness was totally stable, the atrium was not as dilated and she was not in heart failure. She was coping well, enjoyed the fuss and slept all the way in the car. We could stop the vetmedin now but I`m scared too, Trixi does so well on it.
      Maisie was bad news. She has HCM and her breathing rate at the hospital was 120 and she was gasping. It wasn't heart failure, it was a problem with the electricial impulses, her heart has an extra beat wave which shouldn't be there. She has started atenolol and in two weeks she has a 24 hour heart ECG. Maisis is four years old and now she shares the HCM with her sister, Topsy. It seems so unfair I have so many heart cats but when I think why me, I remember someone here said why not me. I have experience of heart conditions now and can help Maisie the best I can. Maisie is a cream blue Selkirk and a beauty. Next week, her brother Alex goes and Maxi, for their scans.
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