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  • bspringsted425
    Nov 17, 2013

      I am so so sorry that you lost Elvis. While I haven't yet lost my Wendy to her heart disease, I did lose a cat several years ago to leukemia and his last moments were the most heart breaking thing I have ever gone though. So I know the pain you're going through. I can tell from your story how much you loved Elvis and how much he meant to you. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your whole story with us. The one question I have asked myself over and over since Wendy went into heart failure is "did I do the right thing by keeping her alive?" She has been somewhat stable on her meds but we've had a few setbacks. And each setback makes me ask that question again. So I want you to know that telling us that the two extra months you had with Elvis were worth it is very helpful to hear. I doubt that I am the only one who thinks that way. In my opinion, that is one of the most comforting things to hear when you are taking care of a cat on borrowed time.

      I wish I could say something to make your pain go away, but I know from experience that nothing can be said. I am so sorry that you're grieving,but it is very obvious that Elvis was loved and cared for - especially in his last hours. I hope you and your husband find comfort in knowing that he isn't in pain anymore and that you gave him a wonderful life full of love.


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