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49271Low Blood Pressure

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  • Missy Zane
    Nov 17, 2013
      A week ago yesterday, my huge, handsome Sizzle went into congestive
      heart failure. When I took him to our local ER, the doctor said his
      temperature was so low his body was shutting down. His blood pressure
      was so low they couldn't even get a reading. During the night, he
      improved, and the next day I took him to a specialty hospital so he'd be
      there when the cardiologists came to work Monday morning.

      He was on oxygen until Tuesday, and also on IV dopamine to bring his
      blood pressure up. At one point on Wednesday, his BP got up to 90-100
      (low normal), and they discontinued the dopamine. But a few hours later,
      it dropped and they started the dopamine again. They began weaning him
      off it again on Thursday and said he could come home Thursday night. But
      I was really scared and asked them to continue monitoring him overnight.

      He's been home since Friday and is pretty much his old self. But the
      cardiologist wanted his blood pressure to be checked yesterday at our
      local ER. It's still low normal, 90-100.

      I'm not sure what this means or what to do about it. I'll be talking
      with the cardiologist tomorrow, but I'm concerned that he won't want to
      start Sizzle on the heart meds he needs because they all lower blood

      The only meds he's taking now are Lasix and Tumil K. He's an
      indoor/outdoor cat and wants very much to go out. But we live in a
      third-floor condo, and I'm afraid the steps will be too much for his heart.

      Sizzle is 13 and weighs 20 pounds! He's not overweight. He's just a very
      big cat!

      Thanks for any thoughts on my boy.
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