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49269Re: [FH] Elvis is gone

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  • Karenborga@yahoo.com
    Nov 17, 2013
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      Dear Anastasia,

      I am so sorry for your loss of your special boy, Elvis.

      He is so grateful for your loving care. Your story is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful relationship.

      Thank you for sharing so much with us...and yes...the sedative medicine before a euthanasia procedure is powerful and fast acting.
      It would be great if more veterinarians remind us to give hugs and kisses before the sedative is administered.

      Karen B., Assistant Host
      Moderated on-line chat rooms pet loss support

      * * * * *

      ......Both my husband and I fought for him tooth and nail. Even when the prognosis was dire, even when he stopped eating (twice!), we never-ever gave up on him. And it was SO worth it! I'm so-so thankful that we got those 2 extra months with him. And especially the last 3 weeks - they were some of the happiest weeks of his life. He came back so strong, and was so happy, got so much attention and playtime. And he was so loving… 

      So if anything, please don't give up on your kitties, every extra day with them is precious.

      This group has been so very helpful all throughout our process. I would love to thank each and every person who gave us advice and support, and sent us thoughts and prayers during the tough times. 

      I have some medicines and supplies left. I'll reach out to a couple of local rescues, but if they can't take the medicines, I will post the list here. Maybe they can help another kitty in need.

      (P.S. I will cross-post into the assisted feeding and heart kitty group, since they both have been beyond helpful)

      Much love to you and your furry ones!
      ~ Anastasia and Elvis


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