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49215Fwd: My Bengal Wasabi

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  • Suze Winn
    Nov 10, 2013

      Sent from my iPad ~suze

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      From: Suze Winn <suzewinn@...>
      Date: November 10, 2013 at 9:50:26 AM PST
      To: "feline_lymphoma@yahoogroups.com" <feline_lymphoma@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: My Bengal Wasabi

      Hi all,
      Some of you know that I have been dealing with another one of my bengals Wasabi who has HCM and PLN.  I had something strange happen last night and I am still un-nerved today.

      He was asleep on the couch with me making loud snoring type noises, to which he does not do much.  I looked over at him when he ceased making that noise and I called his name with no response.  I picked up his head and it was floppy and I thought he had passed on me.  I called his name and gently shook his head still no immediate response.  I uncovered him from his blanket to see if I could see his chest but it was so dark in my living room with only the TV light on.  It seemed like minutes but maybe only 20 to 30 seconds with me still talking to him when he either "came to" or woke up.  I have never had a cat, if this was the case, sleep that hard that when I picked up his head that he did not walk up suddenly.

      He was alittle disoriented from either the sleep or passing out?  I am worried as this has never happened before with him.  Wondering if anyone has some words of comfort or medical advice that I need to take him in the the AM for a check up.

      He is on Atenolol, transdermal, Enanapril,both of these meds every 12 hrs and flovent very 12 hrs.  He cannot tolerate clotting meds to which we have tried as he throws up.  So he also gets 1/2  Odanstron every 12 hrs or a shot of Cerenia if the vomiting gets ahead of me.

      Thanks all.

      Suze, Angel Meiko, Wasabi, Kirin and Willow

      Sent from my iPad ~suze
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