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49213Re: New member, older cat with LOTS of problems :(

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  • elfinmyst
    Nov 9 6:17 AM
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      It sounds definitely like heart failure. This can happen suddenly in any HCM cat and you did well to recognise it. Now she needs the diuretics and drugs to help the failing heart. She will definitely need something for the thyroid issue. Losing weight and howling at night are symptoms, but hyperthyroid can also cause secondary HCM. Controlling that is essential.
      Unfortunately the treatments for pancreatitis often make the heart worse. Avoid steroids unless there is no alternative. You may need to add more drugs if the heart failure isn't controlled or more diuretics. Can you give a list of the doses she is on?
      Keep an eye on that breathing. If it changes of increases its time to go back to the vet. Remember breathing has to be taken at rest. Over 30 is caution and over 40 tends to be an emergency, but this must be at rest (light sleeping)/ Don't worry too much about the kidneys at the moment, with heart failure that must be treated aggressivelyl
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