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49212Re: [FH] New member, older cat with LOTS of problems :(

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  • bubbacat12003
    Nov 9, 2013
      Dear Laney's Person:
      You mentioned a HyperT diagnosis, but no mention of a treatment plan for the thyroid issue.
      Could you tell us what the T4/Free T4 came back as, and if the vet has recommended treatment?
      In a message dated 11/8/2013 8:53:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, kekennedy8@... writes:

      We've had our 17 y.o. Laney (short haired calico) since I was 5 years old. She was found as a stray kitten and has lived a very interesting and fulfilled life. She has a personality like no other cat I've ever met, befriending bunny rabbits and dominating our household dogs. Of course she's feisty like a true calico.

      As soon as Laney turned 14 I took her in to the vet every 4-6 months for a check up and and blood work. For the past few years Laney has had a heart murmur, but my local vet said not to be concerned, her heart was fine. Other than the murmur she's had no health problems, until a few weeks ago. I noticed her continuing to lose weight, despite my best efforts in trying new foods. Her behaviour also changed, and she would meow at night for no reason ( I tried food, letting her outside etc) and I assumed she was also getting a little senile. I took her to the vet for more blood work (her last had been done in June) and according to my vet everything seemed 'normal' except for some mild kidney and thyroid issues. Although at this time she had no real physical symptoms I pressed my concerns and the vet finally did and ultra sound and found some enlarged lymph nodes and referred me to an internal medicine specialist 2 hours away.

      This past Monday was the "big appointment". I was terrified my beloved Laney would have the big C. Little did I know I was about to be hit with a completely different ball game. The specialist reported back that Laney, indeed, had a LOT of health issues. She was diagnosed with HCM, with quite severe thickening on the left side of the heart. She also presented with IBD, pancreatitis, mild kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism. I was devastated but determined to fight to make Laney better. I went home that evening armed with new medications and a new awareness. And then everything went downhill.

      Monday night after returning from the vet Laney was straining over the litter box, and I noticed small amounts of blood and mucus coming out of her urine. I immediately tried calling my local vet's emergency hotline but the vet on duty couldn't be reached. I wasn't sure if she would make a 2 hour drive to the nearest 24hr clinic so I kept her at home. In the morning I spoke to two different vets who gave me two different reasons for the blood (1 was her UTI the other was trauma from the ultra sound). I thought problem solved and breathed a sigh of relief. Until Tuesday afternoon... I noticed abnormal breathing but assumed it was stress. Finally Wednesday morning around 5am I awoke to Laney peeing in my bed. Something she has NEVER done. Her breathing was elevated so I rushed her to my local vet at opening and as I suspected she was in heart failure, with a resp rate in the 80's. 48 hours later, a 2 hour car ride to transfer her to an emergency clinic, a long stay in oxygen and a lot of diuretics, I finally have my Laney home with me. She's on some new medications (Lasix, potasium, methimazole, benaziprol, and an anti-nausea med). We're trying to balance her kidneys with her heart at this point. The vet can't figure out how she took such a rapid turn for the worse because on Monday she was not in heart failure and as soon as she left the vet it was like everything shut down.

      I'm terrified of losing my baby and even now her respiration rate fluctuates from the mid 30's to mid to high 40's. I have a follow up next week and I hope she makes it until then. She's eating and drinking fine, using the box, and is currently cuddled up leaning on my laptop. Sorry for the long post, but it feels good to vent. I've been going through a LOT lately (dad had a stroke and my grandmother recently passed away) and these past few days have been a complete hell. But at least I have Laney and she seems to be very peaceful at the moment. I hope to learn a lot form this community and also gain support.

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