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49173switching to plavix

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  • Blakey Girl
    Oct 26, 2013
      Hi all! So my Schmutz has been on twice daily injections of Fragmin since his diagnosis in April. However, as some of you may know, it's crazy expensive. He's had no issues on it but the cost is starting to weigh on me. The vet mentioned that we can consider switching him to Plavix, but at his diagnosis she talked up how AMAZING Fragmin was, and it makes me nervous to switch him.

      Has anyone switched from Fragmin to Plavix? Does anyone have a cat/ had a cat on Plavix that had a cat with a longer survival rate on it?  

      I want to do anything for him to keep him alive but i worry with the cost of the Fragmin that it would make any possible life saving costs for him harder. Help is greatly appreciated!

      Blake and Schmutz
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