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    Oct 20, 2013
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      Glad to read this, I heard of much lower prices by some members on the CRF list and had a feeling that I had been skinned when I was charged the same as you mention here. This is real money; between kidney check-up blood chemistry at least once a month, the cost of that consultation each time, the x-rays and the necessary U/S check-ups plus consultation even a bit more here in the NY area to see if the medications are right and working this turns out a very expensive disease. Currently I feel like trying out one or two more cardiologists and then settle on one that I feel best with.
      Pimobendan/Vetmedin $1.30 per day is also adding up and not sure if it is helping with my Sammy's DCM, the rest of the medications very inexpensive though at www.thrivingpets.

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      Right, Mary Sue. We have learned from experience. Costly certainly, but here is a time...no insurance for my boy [but I learned my lesson with this]...I never begrudge the cost, b/c issues with the heart *must* be dx, monitored, treated and followed by a licensed highly recommended cardio specialist in my opinion. In this case there is no messing around, you get what you pay for. But these costs different, as with human medical care, from state to state and among countries.

      I agree Marianna. Without an echocardiogram I would not have gotten a complete or even helpful diagnosis.  My first and second echos (5 months later) cost almost $600 each. This comes with being present with the cardiologist for the echo, talking with the doctor about the results following the procedure, phone consultations whenever I needed, and a written report. Esther’s x-rays every 4 months or so, if needed, and the original ultrasound (about $300) are separate.
      Mary Sue
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      Sorry to disagree regarding tests...but an ultrasound is *not* sufficient to dx heart disease or the degree of heart disease your cat may have. To do this properly, and the reason it costs roughly a $1000 US dollars [requiring follow ups that may be less costly] is b/c one needs a specialist, i.e. a cardio specialist to do further tests for accuracy, EEG, and measurements to be taken of the heart, xrays of the lungs, etc. A simple ultrasound, which in the US costs roughly $125--150 depending upon who does it and where will not give you the dx information to determine proper treatment.
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