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49114Re: [FH] Challenging a Vet??

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  • Wendy Solem
    Oct 20, 2013
      Hi Dr Plasket,

      When I my boy Tino had nausea (he had CHF)  my Dr here in NY had me give him a small amount of pepcid....I do NOT remember the dose and would never recommend it without the advise of a Dr, but would that be a possibility to help Romeeoh with his vomiting problem?

      Thanks for being part of our group!

      & new kitty "Jackson tht Rescue cat"

      On Saturday, October 19, 2013 11:00 PM, Karen Plasket <slammerfold@...> wrote:
      Hi Mirsades,
      I am a vet.  One can of Fancy Feast a day is NOT enough for any kitty.  If you are feeding nothing but canned food, let Romeeoh have as much as he wants...at this point, losing 2 pounds is the least of his worries.  If you are adding in dry food, I would limit the amount of dry he gets.  I would also consider getting him on a prescription diet food such as Hill's for his heart. No need to challenge his vet directly.
      Karen Plasket, DVM
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      Subject: [FH] Challenging a Vet??

      Hi everyone....I was just looking on a can of fancy feast when I was at Petsmart and it said to feed 1 can per 3 1/2 pounds of body weight. My vet said she only wanted him to have no more than 1 can a day!!!! He weighs 12 pounds, she wants him to lose 2 pounds. I can’t do that to him, that would be starving him and he wants to eat more, poor thing.
      I’m afraid if I tell the vet that isn’t enough food she may not want to work with me on him, thinking I’m not going to do what she says. Oh gosh I hate this....she’s my 3rd vet and one that showed more care than the other two. Any suggestions how to approach this with her? I think I’d rather have him happy for whatever time I have left with him than starving.
      For all I know, the heart ultrasound may not be as bad as the ultrasound vet that did it said and I wonder about the abdominal ultrasound now. Vet #3 said she didn’t think he had IBD because he didn’t have the symptoms, just the regurgitation in the morning after he ate but then he re-ate it without a problem. It also makes me wonder about the diagnosis of possible resolving pancreatitis??
      Mirsades & Romeeoh <=^..^=>

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