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49102Re: [FH] Re: Good News For Philbert

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  • Jim Sinclair
    Oct 19, 2013
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      On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 5:08 AM, Ruth <k.genyin@...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Jim. That's the sort of detailed process I need. The scan he had was an ultrasound I think.

      Good, though I am not sure what would cost so much money if the
      ultrasound has already been done. In my experience the ultrasound was
      the most expensive part of the diagnostic process. I, and I'm sure
      others here, will be very interested to find out what's included in
      the £500 work-up!

      > The vet said he could have another ultrasound at a cheaper price as a follow up, but she's clear that she's not a cardiologist.

      That is also good, and something to speak with the cardiologist about.
      Follow-up ultrasounds are recommended to track the progress of the
      disease so that medications can be adjusted depending on how things
      are going. Based on my experience with Clipsy and Rhapsody, as well as
      what I've read here, I get the impression that a follow-up ultrasound
      is commonly recommended after six months, and the frequency of repeat
      ultrasounds after that depends on how much change is observed on the
      six-month follow-up (faster progression means more frequent scans,
      slower progression means more time between scans).

      > So I think what I need to do is speak to the cardiologist about the £500 work up and find out what it's about. Also whether that would be instead of or as well as the lung x-ray, as his shortness of breath in play has me worried about fluid on the lungs.

      Did they not do a chest X ray as part of what he's already had? That's
      something that can be done by a general vet, and if the vet wants it
      read by a radiologist, the image can be sent out for a radiologist to
      review. (They don't even have physical X ray films anymore that need
      to be sent back and forth. The X ray can go directly into a computer
      file and be emailed, or put on a CD for the radiologist.)

      > I guess my worry here on this forum is folk think money is more important to me than Philbert; not true but money really does have to be a consideration.

      Yes, that's my situation too. I've explained to my vets that I have
      very limited funds and I need their help to use those funds most

      Jim Sinclair jisincla@...
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