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49089Romeeoh Update

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  • Mirsades
    Oct 18, 2013
      Well...went to a 3rd vet this morning and the news is ok on some issues but bad on another. She doesn’t think he has IBD because he doesn’t have the typical symptoms, only the vomiting issue. Don’t remember what she said about the possibility of a previous pancreatitis that’s going away. Those were the ok/good? diagnosis. The bad....is BAD. His heart condition is not good. His coloring is pale, she said not a good perfusion rate when she touched his gums, his ears were cold and his underbody also. His pink nose is pale. She said that shows a lack of oxygen. She also thinks the vomiting, especially in the morning after first feeding is from the digestive area not getting enough oxygen from sleeping all night, being still.
      She told me about the possibility, which I already knew about, of a blood clot traveling to his hind quarters “saddle thrombosis” which will paralyze his hind legs and he will be screeming in pain. Also the sudden death from a heart attack issue. I wish I would have gone to her in the beginning of all this because she showed concern for both of us. There was a call from a doctor that came in while she was in the room with me that she needed to take and she said for me to wait because she wanted to come back and discuss things more with me which was wonderful. She wanted to see him back in two weeks but changed that to a week. I hate putting him through the stress of going in the carrier and the car, he gets so scared and that can’t be good for his heart.
      She tried to comfort me with the fact that Romeeoh is being well cared for and is loved and that I am doing everything I can for him. I keep a running journal of times he is fed, medicine given, vomit/regurgitation, etc. It’s like a little hospital chart in a notebook. She also was concerned about me because I have been having problems with my heart acting up and losing 12 pounds in the past 3 weeks!!! She said if I feel I couldn’t handle this she would support my decision to put him down. I can’t do that, not yet, he still is alert to things going on outside and would play if I play with him but for obvious reasons, I am afraid to. She wants him to lose 2 pounds, saying that it would be easier on his heart and would rather see him on the skinny side. He weighs 12 pounds now. I can feed him 1 can of fancy feast per day, the cans are pretty small and he always wants to eat. I wish I would have been giving him canned food a year ago instead of the dry that I think caused a lot of this problem, maybe not, but I guess I feel I need to blame something. She also gave me some vitamins, both chewable pill and a paste, with vitamin E and taurine.
      I haven’t cleaned my house or watered my vegetable garden, nothing. Everything seems to be dying all around me. All I care about is being with him right now. Sorry to sound so morbid, it’s just how I feel and it hurts really bad. I guess I should end this before it turns into a novel. I pray that I can get through what ever time I have left with him. I’m glad people here are supportive as it’s what we both need right now, thanks for being there for us.
      Mirsades & Romeeoh <=^..^=>

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