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49040Re: New Patient, old member getting lasix locally???

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  • r schu
    Oct 4, 2013

      I hope others will chime in here.  CHF is not a diagnosis, I don't think.  But rather, is a symptom of something that is diagnosed, such as HCM, or DCM. 

      Hopefully Sammy's breathing is below 36 now, and I hope he's starting to recover from the trauma of the whole experience and getting his appetite back.

      Lasix is the diuretic.
      Plavix is the anti clotting drug.

      Benazepril is used for heart patients in conjuction with lasix.    Perhaps because lasix drains potassium and benaz can spare it, or some such.  I've heard it's not all that effective for pure high blood pressure, but seems a standard crf thing to prescribe for U.K. cats.

      Pimobendan is vetmedin, and our cardiologist as well feels it is an unknown and did not want to add it to May's meds.  He in fact, took her off it, after the original traveling cardiologist put her on it for about 5 days.  Lots of people on this list have had great experiences with it.  I think it was Lyn who said with one of her cats, it was used as a last resort to try, and...it worked!

      It would be nice if there were definitive, clear cut meds to go to.  Lasix is one, and Plavix as well.  But these two others are a bit more confusing.  That is the beauty of this list - lots of experience.

      I hope Sammy is feeling better!

      -Lee and May
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