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49031Re: Is Lysine ok to use?

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  • bspringsted425
    Oct 2, 2013
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      Hi Lee-
      Herpes manifests in the form of a Upper Respiratory Infection. Basically, runny/goopy eyes, sneezing, sniffling, occasionally coughing (one of mine always coughs when she has a flare up, the others don't.) Some cats have flare ups often. Some never do after initial treatment. And some react to stress. In my house, it always seems like stress causes the flare ups. Any time we're getting ready for vacation, or when one cat is sick and they can sense that I'm stressed out - stuff like that - suddenly it flares up.

      Lyn is right that you can get a definitive diagnosis from a swab at the vet, but Lysine won't hurt any that don't have it, so you could still give it to yours even without a definitive diagnosis. I was worried about my heart cat because I didn't know if the lysine would have an effect on the heart, but for healthy kitties (and now I know its ok for heart cats too) it is perfectly fine to give. For mine, their main source of Lysine is in treat form. I couldn't remember what the treats were called the last time I posted, but I've since bought more and they are called Enisyl-F Lysine Treats for Cats. You can buy them on Amazon. They're pretty expensive but my picky cats completely rejected the gel/paste and the powder. When I put the supposedly tasteless powder in their food, they always know its there and then refuse to eat. If I put the powder in their water they don't notice, but they also don't get a full dose this way. But as far as it being safe for your cats, all of mine take it because it's impossible to NOT give all of them the treats. I shake the treat bag and everyone - herpes or not - comes running. The vet said it's perfectly fine for everyone and acts as a preventative for the ones who haven't picked up the herpes virus yet (though they probably never will since they have been exposed to my herd for a while so some of them seem to have an immunity to it).

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