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49027Re: [FH] Mischief says MEOW

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  • nandismom
    Oct 2, 2013
      So sorry to read this but good that his heart is stabile.

      Most cats take well to cancer treatment and seem to have a much less hard time than humans. What kind of cancer is this?? small cell lymphoma for example they can live for yearswith a pred and moderate chemo protocol.

      You have a good resource at this site:
      www.zzcat.scroll down some to the actual start of the cancer info and resources site.
      also specifiv and general cancer supportgroups:

      and great for feeding issues and weight management not force feeding with oodles of tipe how to get a sick and inappetant kitty to eat:

      and if prednisolone is part of the protocol diabetes may develop:http://groups.yahoo.com/phrase/feline-diabetes
      If Chemo is given you can read much about the redcell production of ESA's esp. aranesp anemia support at www.felinecrf.org
      Read as much as you can twice, it will give you a sense of getting on top of things and a better base for protocol decisions.

      A biopsy is off course the best first tack after x-rays.
      CT scans and MRI's often can still not give a 100% certain diagnosis confirmation. if money is a big problem you may decide to treat on suspicion without definitive confirmation as many do.

      Hope this helps and good luck!
      Erika with Sammy

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      >Hi my fellow cat lovers..my last post here was Jul 10, 2007 wow!All these years Mischief's heart hasn't give him trouble,but we found out last month that he has cancer .
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